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The NFL Network will stream live NFL games from Thursday through Sunday, and the NFL will offer NFL GamePass for the season.

The NFL is also expanding its streaming service, which will include both NFL GameDay Extra and NFL Sunday Ticket.

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Why ‘Navy Blue’ and ‘Nova’ were the most popular NFL ads online

NFL Network anchor Mike Tirico discusses the popular NFL ad featuring “Nova” and “Blue.”

(1:28)NFL Network anchor Michael Tirico breaks down the NFL ad “Navy” and its popularity.

(2:14)NFL commentator and host Mike Tiriacos interview NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

(4:34)NFL Insider Mike Tiricos breaks down “Blue” and how the new ad has changed the way advertisers view the league.

(5:11)NFL insider and host Kevin Seifert discusses “Blue,” and how it will help advertisers make money online.

(7:10)NFL reporter Mark Kiszla discusses the “Navron” commercial, and how much attention it has garnered online.