Which news sites are using Google’s AdWords?

It’s a question that has plagued Google’s news search since its inception: What is AdWords, and why is it important?

AdWords is Google’s answer to Google News.

It lets you find articles based on keywords that match a user’s interests.

If a user searches for something like “tobacco,” that keyword will be shown in the search results.

Ads that appear on a search result will also be shown there.

But unlike Google News, there’s no guarantee that the user will see the ad in a search.

And it’s not clear how effective those ads will be.

Advertisers say they are not happy with how Google uses their ads.

They say they’ve seen the ads being used more than they ever would have wanted.

A few weeks ago, a new ad appeared on Google News that said, “Advertisers can use AdWords to promote their products or services online.”

It included a link to an ad for a cigarette company.

The link did not lead to any results for the company.

Google News also had a banner ad for the same company, but that didn’t lead to the same results.

Google says the ads appear to have been used more by the advertiser than they should have been.

The company says it takes steps to prevent spamming, but in the past, it has also banned Google News ads.

In a statement to The Next Post, a Google spokesperson said: “We do not comment on ad results that do not appear in the News search results.”

Google says that it’s reviewing the ad and will look into what happened.

The Google News Advertiser Association says it’s also looking into the matter, and the company is “actively working with its advertiser partners” to address the issue.

Google doesn’t have a specific plan for how to prevent the ads from appearing in News.

The problem is that AdWords is an open platform, meaning anyone can create a new AdWords account and use it.

Google says that Google News has “a very limited number of ad-serving channels,” and it’s unclear how many people can access those channels.

Google is also investigating the issue with AdWords and is “working to resolve it as quickly as possible,” the company says.

But many users aren’t happy with what they see.

A Google News reader wrote in to TheNextWeb about a Google News ad that appeared on his news feed: “I have never heard of this ad.

I have never been paid by anyone for this ad or any other ad that appears on my news feed.

The ad is so inappropriate, that I can’t even imagine what it might mean.”

Google said that it is “reviewing the AdWords results for Google News.”

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