‘Hindi’ has been dubbed as the new English-language version of Hindi

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Hindi is the new vernacular spoken in India, and is seen as a more accessible language for the mainstream and young audience.RTE, the English-run broadcaster in Turkey, is launching a Hindi-language edition of its news channel, with a slogan that says “Hindic is the language of the future”.RTE’s new Hindi-themed channel, called Hindi, will debut on Saturday and will be the latest English-based Indian news channel to launch an Indian-language channel.

“India is growing, and we’re the only country in the world that has a lot of Indian-origin people.

It’s a way to bridge the language gap,” said Gyan Vyas, executive producer of the Hindi-based news channel.RTV, the Turkish-run news channel that also airs the Turkish language version of RTE, has a long history in the country, having been launched in 2003.

It is currently running a Spanish-language news channel called El Mundo de la Lucha (The Mail).RTE and RTV-2, another Turkish-language television station, are also competing to win a spot on CNN’s new “Inside the Ring,” a new sports show that will feature a team of Indian athletes competing against the world’s best athletes.