Which web-based ad tracking platform is the best for online advertising?

It’s a question that’s been debated ever since Facebook acquired Google’s ad network in January.

After a flurry of discussion and debate, the two companies agreed to merge their ad services, Google and AdMob.

That merger means both companies now own a vast array of ad tracking technology, and now each has its own ad tracking tools and services.

And the results have been surprisingly divergent.

The ad industry has long been criticized for its reliance on third-party services, which rely on proprietary algorithms to track consumers’ behavior.

Google has often said that its ad platform is more accurate than those of other ad networks, but that’s not always true.

Advertisers have complained about Google’s tracking techniques as well, particularly after Google announced its own competitor to the ad network, AdMob, a company that provides the same level of tracking functionality.

AdMob and Google have said that their systems are more accurate, though they have struggled to convince consumers that this is the case.

Some critics have argued that Google’s ads are just more convenient to view on mobile devices than Google’s own.

Google has also been criticized, in particular, for its advertising system, which relies on data about consumers’ browsing habits and demographics to track their ad spending.

In particular, critics have complained that the company’s tracking systems don’t take into account the fact that users may change their behavior, which could affect their ad choices.

Google, for instance, can track a user’s purchases, viewing history, and browsing behavior.

The company says that it has no way to know if a user is browsing on a mobile device, or on a desktop or laptop.

The companies have also come under criticism for the way they’ve handled consumer data.

Google said in March that it would release a report that would detail how it collects data on its users.

The report is scheduled to be released this summer.

Google is expected to release its report in September, but has not yet done so.

The companies’ separate advertising platforms, AdSense and AdSense Plus, will release their respective reports next month.

What’s your take on the ad tracking debate?

Let us know in the comments below.

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