New York Times publishes ad for its online ad service in

New York TIMES, N.Y. (AP) — The New York times is rolling out a new online ad platform in the digital advertising space, and the ad agency behind it says it will pay $10 for every 1,000 views a day.

The Times’ digital platform, called adx, will also include new ad formats for businesses, including a paid-for banner ad for the Times and a paid banner for advertisers.

The adx site is still in beta testing, but Times co-founder and publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. says it’s one of many ways the company is improving the way its newsroom runs and sells ads.

The company has been testing the service in the past week.

It is one of several digital advertising companies working to compete with giants like Facebook and Google in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Sulzbergberger says the Times has taken a long view of the advertising world, one that believes in creating value and value for customers.

The publisher says the adx service will help it make its digital offerings more valuable to consumers, while also providing advertisers with a platform to get the kind of high-quality content they need.

Sul Zberger Jr., who took over as the publisher of the Times in August, said he’s been working on adx for about six months and has had plenty of feedback from readers and advertisers.

“It’s the kind, unique platform that makes our ads truly useful,” Sulznerberg said.

The company will also pay $5 per 1,500 views a week to advertisers who buy ads in the ad network.

Sulzerberg says the company will work with publishers, social media platforms and ad networks to find new ad opportunities.