Which online advertising firms have the biggest and smallest brands?

The biggest and the smallest online advertising companies have some of the most diverse brands on offer, according to a new report from global advertising analytics company BigData. 

As the name suggests, BigData is an analytics company that is used to analysing the online advertising landscape. 

Its research is used by some advertisers to target them to the right audience.

It also uses BigData to understand how big brands are and how big advertisers are able to target their brands.

In this case, it looks at how big the brands are in Australia, how many adverts are being shown to them and how well they’re doing on mobile, and whether they’re being viewed by more people or fewer.

The report reveals that some of Australia’s biggest brands, including The Sun, the Herald Sun and The Courier Mail, have a total of 4.3 million unique visitors to their websites, according the report. 

The other top five brands on BigData are The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun Online, The Australian Financial Review, The National and The Sydney Times. 

While the Herald’s website has the second highest number of unique visitors, it’s the only one of the top five to have a brand below them on the list. 

It’s the Daily Mail’s position that stands out, as it’s been the top ranked brand for the last four years.

It has the highest number, with 6.2 million unique visits to its website. 

Other brands in the top 10 are The Age, The Age Weekly, The Daily Telegraph and The Australian.

The survey also reveals the average size of the websites that were seen by Australians last year, which has changed little in the last three years.

The average size has increased from 8.7 pages in 2013 to 11.5 pages in 2016. 

But even with the increase in page views, the average online spend has remained the same.

The study shows the average spend per page on the websites has increased by 0.4 per cent to $2.33 per month, which is well above the $2 on average that people spent on mobile. 

According to BigData, the number of adverts being shown has remained stable in 2016 at 1.3 billion.

The average spend on mobile has also increased by about $1 per month.

The survey also found that the number on mobile adverts has remained consistent since 2013.

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