‘Titanic’ author gets a ‘real’ new novel from the publishing industry

It was one of the last big publishing hits, a romance with a strong female lead that landed her a best-seller list that’s set to soar in 2019, when her novel Titanic is due out.

But now it’s another story in the same genre.

The new novel, published by Penguin Random House, is titled My Love Is The World by Naomi Novik.

The New York Times says it’s “a deeply personal novel,” about Novik’s childhood in a Russian village that was the scene of the Titanic disaster, when more than 1,000 people died in the sinking of the ship.

The Times says the novel is about Novick’s own childhood and childhood memories of her parents, a woman who left the family when she was a teenager and a man who died in a car accident.

It’s a story of a family torn apart by tragedy, and how that affects Novik, who is now a mother herself.

The novel has a long title, but it’s all about the love between a man and a woman.

It is a love story, says Novik in an interview with The Times.

Novik says the love of the novel was the most important thing she’s done in her life.

She told The Times she has never been so happy about a book, and the story was “the beginning of a lifelong relationship with the world.”

She said she was moved to write the book because she loves her mother, who died of cancer at age 48, but she also wanted to give the novel a “realistic, personal tone.”

Novik was a self-taught writer, with a love for the world of books, who began writing her first novel, My Love is the World, in 2004, but her first book, The World’s Last Hope, was published in 2005.

The world of fiction, and of fiction as literature, is changing, she said.

“People don’t read like they used to,” she said, but they also read more critically.

Novick said her first publisher was Simon & Schuster, which published The World Is a Beautiful Place, the first book of her trilogy, The Last Hope.

“I never thought, I don’t want to write for Simon & Schw, because I’ve done it all,” she told The New Yorker in 2016.

Novak is now writing her second novel, The Sea in My Pocket, which is set in the early 20th century, when the Titanic was sinking.

The two novels are both published by Random House.

Novillik said that she has been inspired by her mother and her grandmother who are in their 80s.

“When they were dying, they told me stories about their lives,” she explained.

“They were like the greatest storytellers in the world, and they were living through the Great Depression and World War II, but I feel so lucky to be able to write about my mother and my grandmother.”