Which is better for online advertising?

The biggest barrier to online advertising growth is people’s aversion to buying from sites that don’t deliver results online, according to research published today by AFR.

Advertisers are increasingly opting for digital products, such as mobile phones and tablets, to deliver their advertising campaigns, but it is not clear whether they are using those products in the same way that online advertising campaigns have been used for decades.

“The digital marketing landscape is evolving faster than people realise,” said Robyn Hinchcliffe, senior director for digital marketing at the research firm.

“With the increasing popularity of mobile, mobile apps and social media platforms, we’re seeing people switch from using traditional methods of distribution to using social media in an increasingly digital environment.”

Ms Hinchcroft said people increasingly saw the value of having a digital presence, with people spending more money online, especially if they liked the content they were receiving.

“If you’re paying to see your favourite brands on YouTube, or you’re watching your favourite films, then it’s important to be able to easily access those content for free,” she said.

“It’s also a big factor for people to spend more money on content and brands than ever before.”

So if you can access it for free, that’s the way to go.

“There’s definitely been a shift towards using social platforms and the fact that you can see all of your content for the same price, is a huge driver for that.”

That’s also something that’s changing around the world.

“Advertising is also shifting to video, which has the potential to be the most popular online video format in the future, said Mr Hinchborough.”

People are starting to view online video as more of a marketing tool and less of a consumer product,” he said.’

It’s a big change’Digital media is still relatively young, with less than 10 per cent of people viewing it in 2016, according a survey by digital agency DigitalMediaResearch.

But there is growing acceptance in the digital media space that digital marketing can be used as a powerful tool to attract new customers.”

When people start to look at their digital advertising, they’ll say, ‘I can’t believe I can get something for free on Facebook,'” Mr Hanchcliffe said.”[Now] people are thinking about how to use the product in a way that’s really different to traditional marketing.””

We’ve seen this in social media where you can reach people with videos, for example, and people are starting for themselves, and there’s this big push to really make this experience really personal.

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