Online ads, new tools, big changes coming to online ad buying 2018

Online advertising is a key part of the $60 billion industry.

But a recent overhaul of how businesses make money online could spell a major shakeup for the industry, and for online advertising.

The changes could include a change to how online ads are viewed and sold, a more streamlined way to track how people spend their money and a change in how online advertisers are paid.

Here’s a look at the changes.

What is online advertising?

Online advertising includes online video, radio, print, radio and television.

It includes both online and offline advertising.

Online video is used to reach consumers who are less likely to use traditional methods of purchasing goods or services online, like at stores or in restaurants.

In 2018, online video ads accounted for roughly one-third of all digital advertising spending, according to research firm Kantar Media.

The average amount of money consumers spent online in 2018 was $36.70 per year, according the firm.

The average amount spent on TV ads in 2018 is $22.75 per year.

While traditional advertising is still an important source of revenue for many businesses, the industry is seeing rapid growth in online advertising, according