How Facebook has transformed online advertising has reported on how Facebook has reinvented how the world views advertising.

Facebook is offering advertisers a new way of measuring success and growth.

It is allowing advertisers to show more ads based on a user’s actions on their Facebook page.

The social network is also expanding its reach in Australia by allowing businesses to share ads with customers and partners on the platform.

Advertisers can now create a Facebook ad and sell it on their own Facebook page, and then the advertiser can also create a separate Facebook ad that they can sell on their site.

They can then link the two ads to a Facebook page or other social network where the ad will be seen by more than 200,000 people.

The change has led to an explosion of ad targeting on Facebook and other platforms, as more businesses seek to target the right customers, says The Australian Financial Review.

But Facebook is also changing the way that advertising works.

The new model will mean Facebook’s ad buyers have to use its data analytics platform, which Facebook is using to create the new ads.

This is not just about how they work, but how they get it to work, says Facebook.

The company is also giving advertisers a much more granular view of how their ads are performing, according to The Australian.

Facebook will now allow advertisers to measure the quality of their ads and then decide whether to include it in their adverts.

Facebook also is working on a new model to help companies target their ads on different platforms.

In its most recent earnings call, Facebook’s chief technology officer Peter Thiel said the new approach will help the company deliver better ads.

But this may not be enough for businesses that are already struggling with the cost of advertising.

“We’re going to be able to do more to help them,” Thiel said.

“What we are seeing is a really rapid change in the way people interact with ads, whether it’s via a social network, or through a mobile app.”