How to get a bigger online ad budget, with the help of an online ad network

TALZANA, Iran — The Iranian government has created an online advertising network that allows the government to manage online advertising for its official sites, according to the company that operates it.

The network, which operates under the auspices of the Iranian Telecommunications Authority (ITA), is a digital platform that allows governments and other entities to advertise online and to promote their own websites.

“This is the first time that the Iranian government, as a state, has started using an online platform,” said Mehdi Bazzi, chief executive of Taizia, which is owned by the ITA.

“The platform allows the Ministry of Information, which oversees the media, to promote itself.”

The online advertising platform, Taizias platform for public communications, is similar to a public relations platform that has been around for several years.

It allows users to submit their own ads, and Taiziys ads can be placed on social media or the news site Mashhad.

In the past, the government has had an online marketing platform for official government sites.

In recent years, however, it has sought to use the platform for private communication and communications with the public, and has sought the help and cooperation of online advertising platforms.

Bazzi said the platform is part of an effort to increase transparency in the government and its advertising practices.

The ITA, which runs a state-owned telecommunications network, has long had a relationship with Taiziat.

In 2014, the agency, which manages the countrys digital media, signed an agreement with Taizen to operate Taiziya.

Bazzis company is one of several that run Taizian’s platform.

Tassili said the Taizians platform will help with government communications, but did not disclose what that entails.

The Taiziez government, meanwhile, is working to increase the amount of public communication online.

A new system, Taizeyeh, will allow the government’s public media to reach an audience online, with access to its social media and video platforms.

In addition to Taiziyas advertising platform and Taizeyyeh platforms, the ITAs digital platform includes a number of other platforms for the government, including the IRNA news portal, the Iranian Times, the Tasnim news agency, and the Mashhad News Agency.

In February, the ministry announced it would launch a new digital platform, Tafizia.

According to Tafitzia’s website, it will allow users to publish, distribute and promote news and information on social, mobile, and desktop media platforms.

Tafzia is a government platform, with a focus on news, information, and information technology.

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