What do we know about online ads?

A growing number of online ad campaigns are taking aim at mobile devices.

Some companies, like Facebook, have begun to target them directly.

The ad business has also moved to a mobile-first world.

But many of the online ads we see today still use old techniques, such as text-based ads that target users based on their interests, or the same type of ad-based content that existed on desktop and mobile platforms decades ago.

The digital ad industry has come a long way since the days when it was dominated by a few giant players.

We are now in a world where companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as smaller players like Zimpress, have more clout than ever.

They have a larger and more powerful advertising network, a bigger audience, and a much larger budget to work with.

They also have a lot of money to spend, which is why companies are taking a new approach to their digital advertising campaigns.

And, they are paying a lot more attention to the ad quality, to the quality of the ads, and to the size of their audiences.

While there is still a lot to learn about the ad world, we have come a very long way.