Israel buys online advertising rights for the funeral of former prime minister Yaakov Amidror

An Israeli company has bought online advertising for funeral services in Israel for the burial of former Prime Minister Yaakov Ashirol.

The funeral service will take place in the Israeli city of Nablus, where many Israeli Jews still mourn his death.

According to an official statement, the company, Bnei Yaakov Media, is buying advertising space on its platform in Israel and will use the platform to market funeral services for the event.

“The funeral services will be held in Nablu, where the former Prime Ministers family will live, the funeral service director and a group of officials from the Jewish community will be present,” the statement read.

The funeral service is scheduled for Saturday, July 15.

The company is seeking bids for the space.

According a Reuters report, the service is a rare event in Israel, where Jewish leaders and their families are often forced to attend funeral services abroad.

The service has been held annually since the late 1980s.

According the statement, there is no official list of funeral sites in Israel.

“In addition, we are seeking bids from a wide variety of companies to display and present the services at the burial site, the location of which is not yet known,” it added.

“Bids for the advertising space are due at the end of the week,” it continued.

The Israeli Ministry of Finance said in a statement that the funeral is not the first of its kind in Israel since the new government took power in 2017.

“The funeral of Yair Lapid, the former prime minster, took place in Jerusalem in 2015, and in 2014, former president Shimon Peres was buried in Nabi Saleh,” the ministry said.

According its website, BnAMedia is a media company that works on the digital side of the funeral business, with plans to expand its business in the digital realm.

“It is a partnership with the Israel Association of Media Executives and the Israeli Association of Television Executors.

The new group will develop a digital strategy, including online marketing, to improve the quality of the services,” the company said.

The ministry said it will publish an overview of the bidding process on Monday.

“A decision will be made on the winning bidder by the end.

The company has set the bidding deadline of July 15, and it will be open to public bidding until July 21,” the website said.

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