How to watch the biggest sports stars on the planet on your phone

By Laura Loomer The world’s most famous stars have been making the most of their smartphones, but the same cannot be said of their homes.

Here’s how to watch them on the move and see where you fit in. 1.

Serena Williams The tennis star has been using a phone to make video calls to her family in the past, but her phone-free life has made her a far more accessible brand ambassador.

It has allowed her to reach fans of the sport with an audience of fans worldwide.

The 33-year-old won a record 10 majors this year and is one of the most popular women’s tennis players in the world.

She was one of several athletes who have been photographed with fans at home in a bid to encourage more fans to use smartphones to watch their sport.


LeBron James LeBron James is one the biggest stars in the sports world and his brand of social media has made him a huge draw.

He has over 5.6 million followers on Instagram and Twitter, where he is one-third of the population.

But despite being the most successful athlete in the sport, he has yet to reach the same level of popularity as some of the world’s other stars.

His brand of video message-sharing and social media is one he has taken with him to new places in the worlds most recognisable sports city, New York.


Cristiano Ronaldo The Cristiano di Matteo has become a world-famous star in Portugal, winning three major titles and a host of international awards.

His popularity has spread from Portugal, where the Portuguese national team plays, to more than 30 countries around the world and he has even become a regular at the Golden Globes.


Serene Williams The world number one has been a big fan of Instagram for some time.

She has over 1.2 million followers there.

But the 22-year old is no stranger to the social media world and she has been taking the brand to new parts of the globe with her brand, SereneWings.

She is the first woman to win a major, a World Championships, a British Open title and the French Open title.


Sereina Williams The former world number five tennis player has been on Instagram since the age of 14 and is the only woman to be ranked in the top 10 in both men’s and women’s rankings.

She joined Instagram after being signed by US tennis outfit Nike.


Nick Kyrgios The former WTA player has had a busy year and will have to make up for lost time by hitting the road for his second tour.

The Kyrgizos won their first tournament at the Australian Open last year and are currently on their quest for their first major title.


Tiger Woods The golfer is the most well-known athlete on Instagram, but he is not alone.

The former Tiger Woods has been active on the social network since before he was even born.

He joined in 2014 and has over 3.5 million followers.


Sereanne Williams The star of the show is no longer the only female to have her name on Instagram.

Sereanne has already surpassed Serena in terms of followers, with more than 3.7 million.


Sereno Williams The young tennis star is another of the stars to have been featured on Instagram in the last few years, but this time around she has gained the most followers.

She also has the most fans on the platform.

Sereonna has over 2.5m followers.


Tiger Hamilton The reigning Major League Baseball player has amassed over 6.8 million followers online.

He is the highest-profile athlete to have Instagram since it was launched in 2013.


Cristina Carrera Cristina has a long history with the brand, and her brand is a part of the brand she has worked for her entire career.

She came from the world of modelling and started her career with the same company.

Cristinas career has been dominated by Instagram and its reach, with over 7.6m followers and a fan base of more than 10 million.


Tom Brady The New England Patriots quarterback is also a huge Instagram user, having more than 6.5million followers.


Sereanna Williams The Serena, the brand that has been around since the ages of 13, is one she has continued to follow even after she was signed by Nike.

She made her debut with Nike in 2012, which is also when her brand was launched.


Maria Sharapova The world No 1 has been working closely with Instagram since its inception, but she is now taking the company to new heights.

She began her career as an online model before moving to become one of tennis’ biggest stars.


Maria Kvitova Kvitaliichna is one half of the Kvita family, the other half of tennis world number three, and she is one reason why she has amassed such a huge fan base.

She started her modelling career at age 14, and